National Executive

National Executive is a well established firm that has been in business since 1984; specializing in the recruitment and placement of Engineering, Information Technology, and Computer professionals with both permanent and contract personnel.

Areas of Expertise


  • Software Engineers/Programmers
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Support Engineers
  • Test Engineers
  • Project Leaders and Managers
  • Managers and Directors
  • Production Engineers
  • Q.A. & Q.C Engineers
  • Technical Writers
  • R.F./Cellular Engineers
  • ASIC Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • Product Engineers

Information Technology

  • Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Business and Systems
  • Analysts
  • Data Modelers
  • Network Analysts
  • Database Analysts
  • Programmer/Analysts
  • Consultants
  • Systems/Administrators
  • Technical Support
  • Analysts
  • Systems/Engineers
  • Computer Operations
  • Network Operations
  • Manager/Directors of I.T.

Why Use An Agency?

You can save the upfront cost of placing advertisements where there are no guaranteed results. Your company will reach many very talented professionals who are not actively seeking a job. Many of the best people are satisfied with their current positions, while they may not respond to an advertisement they may pursue a position when approached directly with the right opportunity. Your company will save time by not having to screen hundreds of unqualified resumes. Through National Executive, you can access an already established network of qualified candidates.

Your company will save time by not having to screen hundreds of unqualified resumes.

Why Use Our Agency?

At National Executive, we make it our business to learn all we can about your company and what you look for in an employee. We do task-specific searches on the skill set you are looking for. Although we do occasionally advertise to attract candidates, we find most of our candidates through our extensive referral network and through active recruitment of qualified applicants. We also provide a full replacement guarantee to ensure that both sides have made the best decision.

Recruiting Style

As your company's representative in the marketplace we utilize our extensive referral network to identify, contact and qualify candidates that have the skills that meet your criteria. Upon locating these candidates we qualify them during a thorough interview to make sure they match our client's criteria and to ensure the candidate has sincere interest in your company.

When we have narrowed down our search to a few top candidates we present them to the client identifying both their strengths and weaknesses. We facilitate the interview process, coordinate meetings and investigate any concerns that may arise during the hiring process. We also provide written reference reports to our clients to qualify the candidate's background.

We do task-specific searches based on your requirements

Our Code Of Ethics

We work on a professional and responsible level with all of our clients and candidates. National Executive will not recruit a candidate who is presently employed by a current client. We repect all confidential information given by our clients and accurate and true information about our candidates can be expected at all times. We disclose any information about the candidate which may affect their performance.

National Executive upholds a professional conduct with all candidates regardless of race, colour, creed, religion, national origin, age, sex, income level, sexual orientation, physical handicap or maritial status.

As a member of ACSESS (Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services) we also uphold their Code of Ethics and Standards.